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Your Foundation Academy

Let’s jump right in!

It’s possible to feel comfortable in your body, confident, happy and ready to create the life you want!


Your foundation academy

6 week Intensive Program to reconnect to your body and show up as the best version of you

From stuck to showing the F***K up. It is for women who are ready to transform their bodies and their confidence, but need someone to show them how its done!

For those who need accountability and guidance to what will work for them, keeping it simple, fun, and consistent!

We begin September 15th! All members will receive access to the training library on September 12th

Salyna Cole- CPT, Body and Life Coach

I know you. Well, not you, you. But hundreds of “you’s”- as clients, friends, I was you. I know how you want to feel

  • Happy and comfortable in your body

  • Confident in any thing- bra and panties to date night dress

  • Open, happy, calm with friends and family

  • Loving life!

You want to be you, but better. You want your life, but better. 

So let’s do it! 

Seriously, that seems like a tall order, right?

Uh no! That voice in your head, the one that’s whispering you can’t have it all. You’re asking for too much… she’s playing small. She’s conditioned to do that.

That same voice is what causes so many brilliant, capable, amazing women to feel anxious and small instead of confident and empowered.

The time to stay small is over.

Its time to create and step into you. We’re scraping restrictive diets, hours of cardio, affirmations that sound like a poet on Xanax wrote them. 

We’re taking action:


Your Foundation Academy…


A six-week intensive, group coaching program that combines cognitive-science based techniques with body and energetic principles to teach you how to go from stuck and anxious to confident and strong!

Set Your Foundation, your self-care routine to tap into the best version of you

My system incorporates


You have all the power

This program is for you if:

You are sick of feeling unhappy with your body, with your life. Ready to stop feeling anxious and stressed.

You are tired of diets that don’t work, workout plans that aren’t for you. Ready to change your body break the start/stop cycle of workouts, restriction, happiness, and fulfillment.

You are ready to be happy, show up as your best self consistently, FULLY 

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your body, life, and find YOUR happy?

You get to change your body, to change your life…

Your Foundation Academy 


… will show you how to start, customize, and stick to creating the version of you that you’ve been dreaming about! (without all the extra crap)

  • Salyna will guide and teach you how to 

    • To shed what’s left you anxious, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and lost, who you’ve been molded to be

    • Create the version of you who lives her dreams and gets what she wants in life

    • Customize your workouts and movement so they’re always interesting and you don’t plateau

    • Cook, prep, plan delicious and nutritious meals that meet your goals

    • Shift, handle, and raise your emotional energy so you keep growing and shining

    • Curate your internal dialogue so you those pesky negative thoughts don’t derail your journey

What’s included 

My Nutrition Library (Value $500)

  • Curated weekly recipes for meal planning, prepping, and customizing

  • Instructional videos on macro’s, micro’s, volume eating, Intermittent Fasting, Intuitive eating

  • Emotional and Thought Work System (Value $400)

    • 1-2 Weekly guided meditations for relaxing, setting intentions, emotional releasing, and growth

    • Thought work guidance, prompts, questions, and guidance on reframing thoughts and core beliefs

  • My Body Movement Guide and System (Value $500)

    • 2, 3, 4 day a week workout templates

    • At-home or gym

    • Guides to chose how to supplement your workouts

    • Stretching video

  • Weekly coaching calls to dig deeper into the content Q&A to celebrate wins, share tips, support, and accountability ($600)

  • 24/7 Private Group Access for support

    • Salyna is in the channel Daily to answer questions, provide feedback, and dive deeper into all topics

A community of women to support you on this journey

When we rise together, we lift each other higher

Module 2. Setting Your Foundation

What do you like? This is the time where we get to explore what you like, how you want to care for yourself, what routine works for you.

Everyone is different, you deserve a routine and a schedule that works for your life!

Module 1- Breaking Through Barriers

The stress, anxiety, overwhelm has left you detached. First we get to cleanse and clear what’s holding you back so you can reconnect to your power. 

We’ll create a safe place to explore and feel out everything that you have been and everything you want to be!

Module 4- Keep Leveling Up

Putting the defeat of plateaus behind us. Leave with a plan for how to tweak your workouts, nutrition, and energy to keep leveling up.

With consistency, you’ll have all the tools to keep it going!

Module 3- Find Your Groove

This is the fine tuning. We’re seeing results, things are going in the right direction. Here we play letting the routine flow and stay conscious of what we can add or, possibly, take away.