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Hi! I’m Salyna Cole, Personal Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, and Life Coach!

I’m a girl who spent years in the gym and the kitchen, trying all of the work outs, diets, and meal plans. I transformed my body, but was still unfulfilled. I was tired, weak, and stuck. I tried fitting myself into everyone else’s vision, but it didn’t fit. I realized what I was missing was love, acceptance, permission to just be me. 

So I grew, I dived into meditation and thought work and discovered my truest, happiest self. I finally felt comfortable in my body, finally loved what I saw in the mirror, and wasn’t hungry anymore. I stopped using food, exercise to numb my unhappiness and learned how to be and create what I so deeply desired. 

My relationships deepened, my joy grew, and world expanded.

I am so happy I’ve been led on this journey so I can now lead and teach you how to create the same for you and your life. 

Are you ready to step into creating? Are you ready to start showing up as the best version of you and live out your true passion and purpose?

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